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  1. Genuine Bobcat Carbide Tooth, 7223896 for soil conditioner attachment.


    Carbide Tooth, 7223896
  2. Genuine Bobcat All Purpose Bit, 7280507, shown upright showing the long nose point.


    All Purpose Planer Bit, 7280507
  3. Genuine Bobcat Concrete Bit, 7280508, for planers and wheel saws standing upright.


    Concrete Bit, 7280508
  4. Genuine Bobcat, All Purpose Bit, 7287132, showing the wide, blunt point, protective flange, and the bit body.


    Blunt Point Bit, 7287132
  5. Genuine Bobcat Heavy Duty Concrete Bit, 7285499, showing the double angle tip.


    Heavy Duty Concrete Bit, 7285499
  6. Genuine Bobcat Carbide Tooth Bit, 7010631 shown vertically.


    High Impact Bit, 7010631
  7. Genuine Bobcat Rock Auger Tooth, 7008881 showing tooth tip.


    Rock Auger Bit, 7008881
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7 Results

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Our genuine Bobcat carbide bits are designed to cut through the toughest material like rock, asphalt, concrete, rebar, and frozen ground. 

You’ll find planer bits, carbide teeth for milling, asphalt teeth, wheel saw teeth, soil conditioner teeth among our selection of carbide bits.

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