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  1. Genuine Bobcat Drum 719759 showing view 2


    84" Angle Broom Drum, 7197592
  2. Broom Cover, 84 Inches, 6714195


    Broom Cover, 84 Inches, 6714195
  3. Genuine Bobcat Metal Bristle with Poly Head Gutter Broom, 7023270, showing close up of the poly head.


    Metal Bristle Gutter Broom, 7023270
  4. Genuine Bobcat Poly/Wire Gutter Broom, 7399758 view 1.


    Poly/Wire Gutter Broom, 7399758
  5. Genuine Bobcat Shield Sweeper Rubber 6707159 showing view 2


    60" Rubber Sweeper Shield, 6707159
  6. Genuine Bobcat Shield 7104261 showing view 3


    84" Rubber Sweeper Shield, 7104261
  7. Genuine Bobcat Rubber Sweeper Shield, 6707847, showing the entire length with bolt holes.


    Rubber Sweeper Shield, 6707847
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55 Results

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Durable and long-lasting Bobcat skid steer loader broom bristles for your sweeper or broom ensure you get your sweeping jobs done right the first time, every time. Our bristles are designed to make quick work of common challenges like:

  • Gravel
  • Mud
  • Road Debris
  • Snow

Our Bobcat bristles offer more hours between changes, so you get more done without spending more.

We offer standard and heavy-duty bristles that fit on broom attachments for loaders, Toolcat™ work machines, and utility vehicles.

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