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  1. Grinder Tooth, 6677134


    Grinder Tooth, 6677134
  2. Genuine Bobcat Right Stump Grinder Tooth 6677133 showing angled tooth designed for right side of the wheel.


    Right Stump Grinder Tooth, 6677133
  3. Grinder Tooth, 6677132


    Grinder Tooth, 6677132
  4. Genuine Bobcat Grinder Tooth, 6665293 side profile.


    Stump Grinder Tooth, Left 6665293
  5. Grinder Tooth, 6665295


    Grinder Tooth, 6665295
  6. Genuine Bobcat Grinder Tooth, 6665294 side profile.


    Stump Grinder Tooth, Right 6665294
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6 Results

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Removing tree stumps is no easy task, which is why so many people use Bobcat loaders armed with stump grinder attachments. 

Just make sure your attachment is always armed with Bobcat stump grinder teeth that are up to the challenge. Check out our inventory and you will find the stump grinder teeth you need.