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Now You Can Use Your iPhoneⓇ to Control Your Machine Remotely.

Be first in line for the installation of the Bobcat MaxControl remote operation app for only $99.

When MaxControl is ready for release, your Bobcat dealer will contact you to set up the installation. Full set-up cost is $1995.00 (dealer service rates not included) paid at the dealership after installation. 

Remote control provides convenient, remote operation via an innovative and simple iOS app platform. This economical system functions as an extra set of hands when help is limited, allowing quick two-person jobs to be handled by a single operator, and enabling operators to avoid repeated trips in and out of the cab.

  • Delivers an extra “set of hands,” turning two-person jobs into single-worker tasks
  • Enables operators to avoid getting into and out of the cab for short-term or as-needed operation
  • Economical and easy to install by your dealership/ fifteen-minute dealer install (requires machine software updated to most current version)
  • App manages multiple operators and multiple machines
    • One device/operator can connect to any properly-equipped machine for which they’ve been approved, one at a time
    • One machine can be run be any of several approved device/operators, one at a time.
  • No controls to bring to the jobsite. It’s already in your pocket, ready to go.
  • Small box magnet mounted on top of cab and connected in rear of machine
  • Creates a private Wi-Fi connection to machine
  • App provides same controls as current remote + throttle and many others
  • Range ~300 ft 
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Fits on any Selectable Joystick Control (SJC) machine. Requires a device capable of running the latest version of iOS:

iPhone 6s and newer • 9-inch iPad Pro • 11-inch iPad Pro • 5-inch iPad Pro • 7-inch iPad Pro • iPad (6th generation) • iPad (5th generation) • iPad mini (5th generation) • iPad mini 4 • iPad Air (3rd generation) • iPad Air 2 • 2 iPad (7th generation)

See videos of the MaxControl Remote in operation

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Any Selectable Joystick Control (SJC) machine

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