White Bobcat Logo Tailgate Decal, 6735901


Keep your equipment looking well-maintained with a new white Bobcat decal for your skid steer / track loaders tailgate.

  • Constructed with 3M Branded “ 3690 Graphic Film Series material
  • An aggressive, pressure sensitive adhesive designed for Bobcat equipment
  • The long term permanent film withstands severe weather and handling conditions
  • Outdoor durable warranty of 7 years
  • Pre-masked die cut decal 9.6 inches tall x 33.33 inches wide

California Proposition 65: WARNING

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Installation Instructions:

1. Use IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) wipes to clean all areas where decals will be applied. Wipe in one direction to avoid spreading contamination. Then wipe with a dry, clean rag, so no residue is left over. Any dust, dirt, debris, or residue left on the surface before application can cause adhesion issues.

2. Lay decal face down on flat surface to remove backing paper. Peel back slowly, from right to left, ensuring that all pieces of the vinyl stick to premask.

3. Position decal with premask in the desired location, and apply from corner to corner with firm pressure.

4. Use a applicator tool (Squeegee) to apply even pressure throughout the entire decal with overlapping stokes from the center of the decal outwards to ensure proper adhesion takes place.

5. Remove premask tape at a 180 degree angle, or from corner to corner ensuring that all pieces of the vinyl decal stay adhered to machine.

6. Once premask has been removed, use your applicator tool (Squeegee) again to apply strong pressure throughout the decal, to again ensure and promote adhesion.

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9.6 inches tall x 33.33 inches wide

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