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  1. Genuine Bobcat DEF Filter, 7381445 showing the plug and filter.


    DEF Filter, 7381445
  2. Genuine Bobcat Dosing Module, 7248682, showing side that connects to the muffler.


    Dosing Module, 7248682
    Out of stock
  3. Genuine Bobcat Muffler, 7297423, connects to the DOC.


    Muffler, 7297423
  4. Genuine Bobcat DEF Sensor Assembly, 7303045 designed for compact track loaders with diesel engines larger than 3 liters, showing the sensor headers.


    DEF Sensor Assembly, 7303045
  5. Genuine Bobcat Kit Mounting


    DEF Tank Mounting Kit, 7323954
  6. Genuine Bobcat Nox Sensor, 7362274.


    NOx Sensor, 7362274
  7. Genuine Bobcat NOx Sensor, 7381555 showing the sensor and circuit board.


    NOx Sensor, 7381555
  8. Genuine Bobcat NOx Sensor, 7381554 showing the sensor and circuit board.


    NOx Sensor, 7381554
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10 Results

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Bobcat SCR system parts will ensure your SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) is always working properly and that your skid steer loader, excavator, or other machine is always operating within emission standards. Our inventory includes DEF and NOx parts designed for optimum performance.