Coupler Block 5BDFSH08 Assembly, 7246784


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Coupler Block 5BDFSH08 Assembly, 7246784

Hydraulic coupler block allows quick connection and disconnection of attachments for Bobcat skid steer loaders and excavators. FFH/FH coupler block replaces the FFI/FI cloupler block.

FFI/FI couplers will continue to be available, but will not install in FFH/FH coupler blocks. FFH/FH couplers will not install in FFI/FI coupler blocks. The supplier part number 5BDFSH08 is located on the back of the coupler block.

The coupler block contains the following replaceable parts:

7246799 Male Flat Faced Coupler
7246798 Male Flat Faced Coupler
7246802 Female Flat Faced Coupler
7246800 Hydraulic Connector Fitting
15KB0606 Hydraulic Connector Fitting
7251807 Seal
7251808 Seal

Due to engineering standards, some parts are updated or changed and are assigned a new part number. FFI/FI coupler block (7141939) is no longer available is replaced with this FFH/FH coupler block.

Parts can vary depending on your serial number. Check the Bobcat Online Parts Catalog to ensure the correct part for your equipment.

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